Alaskan Mosquito Geocoin


Alaskan Mosquito Geocoin

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Custom coin manufactured in a polished Gold finish measuring 1-1/2 inches across (38mm) and a hefty 1/8-inch thickness (4mm).  The front depicts an Aurora graphic over Alaska’s state flag.  The back is decorated with one of Alaska’s most common summer pests: The Mosquito.  The colors are matched to the official colors of the Alaska state flag.

In addition to the coin, each package contains a printed aluminum tag that bears the same tracking number as the coin.  This allows you to release the travel tag as a geocaching trackable while keeping the original coin safely in your collection.

These coins were manufactured by Oakcoins.  Each coin/tag set features a unique laser-engraved serial number that is trackable on  These dateless coins will continue to be stocked by GeocacheAlaska! as long as there is public interest in them.

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