Alaska Aurora Glow Pathtags – 5 Pack


A set of 5 Alaska Aurora glow pathtags.

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Set of Five (5) pathtags, depicting the outline of the state of Alaska with the Big Dipper star constellation and the North Star from Alaska’s state flag below.  The background of this pathtag is a special Glow in the Dark paint.  When exposed to light and then viewed in the dark, it resembles the glow of the Aurora, also called the “Northern Lights”.  This set includes five of the same pathtag.

These tags are manufactured with a shiny Gold finish.  This tag features a unique serial number on the back, which can be logged on, and our custom Alaska tag Give-Back design.  Note that pathtags are NOT trackable on  These are generally used as trade items in geocaching.  These dateless pathtags will continue to be stocked by GeocacheAlaska! as long as there is public interest in them.

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